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Unlock a world of social impact opportunities with Tamuku!

Get daily alerts on various opportunities straight to your WhatsApp

We bring you handpicked, byte-sized information directly to your WhatsApp, tailored for social impact organisations and development professionals. Whether you're looking to secure funding, discover new partnership avenues, stay updated with the latest job openings in the social impact sector, or explore valuable websites and apps, Tamuku has got you covered. Plus, for those focused on farmer producer organisations, we offer specialised insights and opportunities just for you.

Choose how you want to stay informed


Tamuku Premium

Dive deep with our paid subscription, offering exclusive alerts and comprehensive insights.


Tamuku Basic

Experience our free subscription, delivering essential updates to keep you in the loop.

Join Tamuku today and elevate your impact journey!

TAMUKU Premium Subscriptions

Funds for NGOs

Alerts on WhatsApp

INR 365 per year


Foreign Funding for NGOs Alerts on WhatsApp

INR 365 per year


Combo Pack (Funds for NGOs and Foreign Funds for NGOs)

INR 499 per year

TAMUKU Basic Subscriptions


D-Sector Jobs Alerts on WhatsApp



Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) Alerts on WhatsApp



Useful Websites & Mobile Apps for Social Impact organisations



Tamuku diligently curates and presents various opportunities and resources. However, we neither endorse nor promote any specific organisation. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or assure funding outcomes. NGOs are advised to pursue these opportunities based on their own judgement and discretion.

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