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Combo Pack (Funds for NGOs and Foreign Funds for NGOs) Alerts on WhatsApp

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Combo Pack (Funds for NGOs and Foreign Funds for NGOs) Alerts on WhatsApp

INR 499 per year

Combo Pack: Comprehensive Funding Alerts by Tamuku

Double Your Opportunities with Our Exclusive Combo Pack!

Are you an NGO aiming to maximise your funding avenues, both locally and internationally? Tamuku's Combo Pack is tailored just for you!

Why Our Combo Pack Stands Out

All-Inclusive Alerts

Seamlessly merge the best of both worlds with alerts on local "Funds for NGOs" and global "Foreign Funds for NGOs"

 Diverse Funding Streams**

From local grants to international donor agencies, CSRs, Multilateral and Bililateral agencies, stay ahead with a wide spectrum of funding opportunities

 Consistent Updates

Receive daily curated funding alerts directly on your WhatsApp, ensuring you're always informed (Weekdays only).

Combo Pack Benefits

💰 Cost-Effective: At just Rs.499 for an entire year, enjoy the benefits of both our premium services at a fraction of the cost.

🚀 Maximized Potential: Double your chances of securing funding with comprehensive insights from both local and international sources.

🌐 Global & Local Reach: Broaden your NGO's horizons by tapping into both domestic and foreign funding opportunities.

Empower Your NGO's Vision with the Right Funding

With Tamuku's Combo Pack, you're not just subscribing to alerts; you're investing in a brighter future for your NGO. Subscribe today and let us be your bridge to endless opportunities! 🌏🤝🚀📲

How to Subscribe?

Subscribe to Tamuku's Alerts in 5 Easy Steps!

 1. Start Your Journey

Click the "Subscribe Now" link located at the top of this page.

2. Provide Your Details

Enter your First Name, Last Name, E-mail, and the WhatsApp Number where you'd like to receive our alerts.

Fill in your Organisation's Name, Location, State, and Website.

Once done, click on "Review and Pay."

3. Complete Your Payment

Hit the "Make Payment" button.

Choose your preferred payment method and finalise your subscription.

A confirmation Email & SMS will be sent to you from Tamuku upon successful transaction.

4. Confirm Your Subscription

Look out for a welcome message from Tamuku on your WhatsApp.

Simply click "YES" to verify your subscription.

Haven't received our welcome within a day or two? No worries! Reach out to us at

 5. Celebrate & Stay Informed

Congratulations! You're now part of our esteemed Annual Subscribers List.

Gear up to receive daily funding alerts from Tamuku.


Tamuku diligently curates and presents various opportunities and resources. However, we neither endorse nor promote any specific organisation. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information or assure funding outcomes. NGOs are advised to pursue these opportunities based on their own judgement and discretion.

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