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What we do

Tamuku is a social impact startup that is working with the vision of “Enhancing the lives and livelihoods of 10 million marginalised people by 2030 through enabling and supporting 100k social impact organisations in India.”


Our mission is to serve as a trusted partner to social impact organisations and professionals, delivering credible and curated information, products and services that enable them to make a long lasting impact for marginalised people in India.

Towards achieving our mission, we 

  • Provide credible and curated information on funding and other opportunities for NGOs, social enterprises and professionals through daily alerts 

  • Provide simple tools and products to support fundraising efforts, streamline program management, and facilitate organisational development 

  • Provide tailor made services such as donor mapping, proposal development, strategies development and capacity building for NGOs and Social Enterprises 

Foster knowledge sharing, learning and collaborations through an online platform that brings together organisations and professionals working in social impact space

Our Beliefs and Core Values



Catalysing social impact through a sustainable business model 



Values and build trust with all the customers by prioritising reliability, integrity, confidentiality, transparency and quality services



Making products and services accessible to a wide range of organisations and professionals, regardless of their budget or resources


Simple and user-friendly

Making the products and services that are easy to use and adopt by customers



We value empathy and tend to be more customer-centric, prioritising the needs and experiences of our customers 

Our uniqueness in social impact ecosystem

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