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  • What does "Tamuku" mean?
    In both Telugu and Tamil languages, "Tamuku" refers to drums and tambourines. Historically, these musical instruments, named Tamuku, were used to announce significant events and news in rural areas.
  • What inspired the creation of Tamuku?
    The name "Tamuku" is inspired by the ancient practice of using drums and tambourines to announce noteworthy events. Just as these instruments spread important messages in the past, Tamuku aims to disseminate crucial information and news in the development sector today.
  • What is Tamuku's vision?
    Tamuku envisions a world where professionals and NGOs in the development sector are well-informed and equipped with the necessary resources to bring about meaningful change.
  • What is Tamuku's mission?
    Tamuku's mission is to support NGOs and Development Sector Professionals, ensuring they have timely access to crucial information and resources, thereby maximising their impact.
  • Where is Tamuku's office located?
    Tamuku operates primarily online, ensuring we can reach a global audience. Our registered cum administrative office is based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  • Who are the founders of Tamuku?
    Tamuku was founded by Narendran T and Arunabha Bhattacharya. You can read more about them on our About Us Page.
  • What are Tamuku Free Alerts?
    Tamuku Free Alerts are notifications sent to subscribers, providing them with updates, news, and other relevant information from the development sector.
  • How can I subscribe to Tamuku Free Alerts?
    To subscribe to Tamuku Free Alerts, simply visit our website and navigate to the subscription section. Enter the required details and you'll be added to our alerts list.
  • Is there a subscription fee for Tamuku Free Alerts?
    As the name suggests, Tamuku Free Alerts are absolutely free for all subscribers.
  • How are the alerts delivered to subscribers?
    The alerts are primarily delivered via WhatsApp, ensuring that the information reaches our subscribers promptly.
  • How often will I receive these alerts?
    Subscribers receive updates regularly, ensuring they are always informed about the latest happenings in the development sector.
  • Can I customize the type of alerts I receive?
    Currently, all subscribers receive a standard set of alerts. However, we are constantly working to enhance our services, and personalized alert preferences might be a feature we explore in the future.
  • What kind of information is shared through these alerts?
    Specifically, under the free subscription, we offer the following alerts: Development Sector Jobs Alerts on WhatsApp: Subscribers receive daily alerts on all weekdays. Farmer Producer Organisations (FPO) Alerts on WhatsApp: An alert is sent every day on all weekdays. Useful Websites & Mobile Apps for Social Impact organisations: These alerts are exclusively sent on weekends. For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to the Development Sector Alerts on WhatsApp page on our website.
  • How can I unsubscribe from Tamuku Free Alerts?
    If you wish to unsubscribe from Tamuku Free Alerts, simply send a 'STOP' message to our designated WhatsApp number.
  • Is my personal information safe when I subscribe?
    Absolutely! At Tamuku, we prioritize the privacy of our subscribers. We never sell or misuse subscriber information. For more details, you can review our Privacy Policy.
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