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Welcome to Tamuku Connect: Your Social Impact Nexus

A Vibrant Online Community Fostering Knowledge Sharing, Learning, and Collaborations in the Social Impact Space

In a vast country like India, with a thriving ecosystem of social impact organisations, there exists a significant gap - the lack of a centralised, curated, and easily accessible platform that fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and growth. This is where Tamuku Connect steps in. 

Tamuku's online community aims to foster knowledge sharing, learning, and collaborations in the social impact space. We strive to create a vibrant, inclusive, and engaging platform where organisations and professionals can connect, share insights, and work together to drive social change.

Benefits of Tamuku Connect


Collaborative Opportunities

Discover organisations and professionals aligned with your mission.


Knowledge Repository

Access a wealth of resources, from articles and case studies to webinars and workshops.


Interactive Forums

Engage in stimulating discussions, seek advice, and share your expertise.


Visibility Boost

Elevate your organisation's profile, showcasing your initiatives to a wider audience.

Who can join Tamuku Connect?


From grassroots NGOs to large-scale social enterprises, all aiming to make a difference



Researchers, development professionals, social workers, social entrepreneurs, students pursuing social studies,, and anyone passionate about the social impact sector.

Your Journey Begins Here

Joining is Simple

Head to our platform


Sign Up

Provide your details to create a profile


Await Approval

Our community admin will review your details for alignment with our mission and approve


Dive In

Once approved, immerse yourself in our vibrant community


Special Introductory Offer

Dive into the world of Tamuku Connect “completely free” for one year, starting Sep 01, 2023. Join us, and be part of the change.

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