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Online Fundraising Platforms for NGOs in India

Online Fundraising Platforms for NGOs in India


    Product Description:

    Unlock the power of online fundraising with “Online Fundraising Platforms for NGOs in India,” your definitive guide to navigating the digital landscape of fundraising for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India. This e-book is your essential companion to discover, evaluate, and harness the potential of various online fundraising platforms.


    Platform Directory: Explore a curated list of online fundraising platforms tailored for Indian NGOs.

    Platform Profiles: Gain insights into each platform’s headquarters, description, and key features.

    Financials: Understand registration fees, transaction/facilitation charges, and accepted currencies.

    Tax Exemption: Learn about tax exemption options for donors and the possibility for NGOs to issue digital tax-exempt receipts.

    Application Process: Navigate the registration and verification process for each platform.

    Funds Withdrawal: Discover when and how you can withdraw funds raised to your organization’s bank account.

    Platform Remarks: Access additional information and considerations for each platform.


    Diverse Options: Explore a range of online fundraising platforms to find the ones that best suit your NGO’s needs.

    Cost details: Make informed decisions with clear insights into registration fees and transaction charges.

    Donor Confidence: Understand the tax exemption options available to motivate and reassure donors.

    Efficiency: Streamline the fundraising process and maximize the impact of your campaigns.

    Visibility: Leverage social media links to connect with each platform’s community and amplify your fundraising efforts.

    Online Fundraising Platforms for NGOs in India" empowers your organization to tap into the world of online fundraising, connecting with donors and supporters around the globe. Whether you're looking to fund specific projects, respond to urgent needs, or sustain your NGO's operations, this e-book provides a roadmap to efficiently and effectively raise funds online.

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