Useful Websites & Mobile Apps for Development Professionals
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Useful Websites & Mobile Apps for Development Professionals


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Useful Websites & Mobile Apps for NGOs & Development Sector Professionals 


Every Saturday & Sunday, receive one useful website & mobile app Alert on your WhatsApp 


Receive information about websites, portals and mobile apps pertaining to Development Sector News, CSRs, Fundraising, Development Jobs, Fellowships, Studies & Courses, Scholarships, Legal & Statutory Compliances, Technology Solutions, Service Providers, Online Communities, etc  


Subscription fee- INR 99 per year only


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How to Subscribe?


STEP 1- Click on Buy Now link at the top of this page


STEP 2- Fill your personal details- First Name, Last Name, E-mail & Mobile Number (Enter the WhatsApp mobile number in which you would like to receive our alerts). Click the "Review and Pay" button


STEP 3- Click "Make Payment" button, Select a payment method listed and pay your subscription fee. You will receive a confirmation E-mail & SMS from Instamojo (Our Online Payment Gateway Partner)


STEP 4- Add Tamuku WhatsApp number "+91-76195 79103" as a contact in your mobile phone. Only then you will be able to receive our alerts


STEP 5- Send us a WhatsApp message saying "START TAMUKU-START TAMUKU- Useful Websites & Mobile Apps- YOUR NAME"


STEP 6- Congrats! You are now registered on our Annual Subscribers List. Please wait for the next 36 hours to confirm your payment and start receiving our "Tamuku WhatsApp Alerts!

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